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Need to try this asap!


I added the “Absolutely the World’s Best” past because that’s how I search recipes on the internet —  “World’s Best” chocolate chip cookie or chocolate cake or whatever.  I also added it because this is a fantastic recipe.  Really.

Since this a conversation blog, here is the conversation we had last night while I was making the cinnamon rolls.

Dierdre asked, “How do you make them so perfect?  Mine didn’t turn out like that.”  She had made them over Christmas and they were delicious, but she’s always her own worst critic.

I gave her my standard answer, “Years of practice.”

I actually should have said, “Years of failures.”  I have had my fair number of flops, and still do.  Sometimes I kill the yeast by heating the milk too much.  Sometimes I try substitutions that don’t work.  Sometimes I try substitutions that improve it.  The recipe I use is kind…

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